Bread and other baked goods are important, traditional parts of the diet in most cultures. Bread is often to be concidered as staple food and as such it is often taken for granted. The truth is however that baking of a good bread takes both professional skills and high class raw materials.

Today meeting between friends over a cup of coffee in a café is part of normal social life. Parallell to this, more and more bake-off bread and pastry is filling the counters. The feeling of fresh, newly baked is a criterion the consumers do not want to give up - something that makes the issues of fresh keeping and prolonged shelf life highly prioritised.

Fresh keeping and improved shelf life are two areas where AAK can be of help to you. Read more about what AAK can do for you by clicking on the application area, best corresponding to what you are working with. You are of course also welcome to contact us for more direct consultation.

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