Company governance

Efficient, clear corporate governance contributes to ensuring that AAK’s interest groups have confidence in the Company, and also intensifies focus on business utility and shareholder value in the Company. AAK’s Board and management strive to make it easy for the individual shareholder to follow the decision routes of the Company, and clarify where responsibility and authority are in the organisation, through considerable openness.

Corporate governance within AAK is based on applicable legislation, rules and regulations of the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm's rules for issuers, the Swedish Code for Corporate Governance (the Code) and various internal guidelines. Wherever AAK has decided to deviate from the provisions of the Code, justification is presented under the respective section of this corporate governance report.

General information
AAK is a Swedish joint stock company, the shares of which are traded on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm in the Mid Cap segment, Consumer Commodities sector. AAK has about 7,000 shareholders. Operations are global with a presence in almost 100 countries. The number of employees is about 2,600. Responsibility for management and control of AAK is shared between the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors, its appointed committees and the President, in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, other laws and regulations, current rules for stock exchange-listed companies, the Articles of Association and the Board of Directors’ internal control instruments.

AAK’s aim is to be the obvious first choice for customers and create the best possible value for the Company’s various interest groups – primarily customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees. At the same time, AAK shall be a good social citizen, which takes long-term responsibility. The aim of corporate governance is to define a clear division of the roles of responsibility between owners, Board of Directors, executive management and various supervisory bodies. In line with this, corporate governance also covers the Group’s control and management system. 

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