Remuneration for senior executives

The principles for the remuneration of senior managers (Group management) at AAK, in both the Parent company and the Group, are designed to ensure that AAK can offer internationally competitive remuneration that can attract and retain qualified managers.

Consideration  and determination
Compensation of the Chief Executive Officer and other senior managers is considered by the Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors and all decisions are made by the Board as a whole.

Components  of remuneration
Total remuneration includes salary, annual variable remuneration, pension, car allowance, and termination benefit.

Fixed salary, individually determined and differentiated according to responsibility and performance, is determined on competitive principles and reviewed annually. The applicable date for the annual performance review is January 1.

Variable  remuneration
Annual variable remuneration is based on meeting set targets determined on an annual basis. These targets are related to the performance of the Company. Senior management are entitled to up to 110 percent of their annual fixed salary in variable remuneration.

Pensions for senior management are in line with the Swedish KTP plan (corresponding to ITP).

Termination benefits
The Company has separate agreements with the Chief Executive Officer and senior managers for termination compensation of   one year’s salary (fixed cash amount per month x 12 months) on termination by the Company. Neither the Chief Executive Officer nor any senior manager can independently assert the right to termination compensation.

The period of notice of termination by the Chief Executive Officer and senior managers is agreed as 6 months. Termination notice by the Company is agreed as12 months.

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