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Lipex® Shea Butter Family

Lipex® Shea Family

The universal emollient and bioactive range from nature

Since ancient times, shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii) has been known as an excellent emollient and moisturiser in cosmetics and skin care. Originating from West Africa, it is now used worldwide in skin care as well as in hair and personal care products. AAK offers an extensive range of shea butters with tailor-made properties to suite any type of formulation - from light lotions to body butters as well as shampoos and conditioners.

Shea butter is characterised by its high content of unsaponifiable lipids the anti-inflammatory triterpene cinnamates, for example. These triterpene esters and other unsaponifiable components, in combination with the semisolid consistency, contribute to the excellent skin feel and sensory properties of shea butter.

AAK's Lipex® Shea Family

Properties / Products
Lipex® SB Organic
Liquid shea butter / Lipex® 205 

High melting soft shea butter  / Lipex® Sheasoft

Wax ester / Lipex® Shea
Wax ester / Lipex® Shea W 
Wax ester / Lipex® Shea WM

Bioactive liquid shea butter / Lipex® Shea-U 
Water soluble shea butter / Lipex® 102 E-75 

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