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of biscuits and cookies

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Join us on an exciting expedition to planet AkoBisc® GO! and discover an out of this world delicious recipe for biscuits and cookies.

Get ready for your AkoBisc® GO! expedition

Innovative ingredient

Start your journey with our innovative ingredient AkoBisc® GO! It’s made from liquid oil and has great structure properties, high performance and low SAFA levels.

Better crunch

Using our innovative new product provides a short texture and better whipping quality to your dough, giving your biscuits and cookies a great crunch, bite and snap.

No oiling out

Looking for a stable and structured biscuit dough with no oiling out? AkoBisc® GO! is an innovative product that provides a stable line performance, avoiding issues like non-cohesive dough and deformed cookies.

Endless possibilities

Learn more about the possibilities of AkoBisc® GO! within your production process. For example, find out how to increase your general efficiency with shorter mixing times. One of our specialists is waiting to help you start your expedition.

Join our specialists on our AkoBisc® GO! expedition