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Beat the bloom, secure the sensory experience


Specifically developed to prevent heat-related bloom without sacrificing sensory quality and experience, AAK’s TROPICAO™ enables you to succeed in hot climate markets while preserving your brand promise.

Hot climate countries are leading market growth opportunities in the chocolate industry, but heat-related bloom is one of the biggest challenges in these markets. Until now, ensuring heat stability above 33°C (91.4°F) has compromised the sensory properties and affected the quality of your chocolate. Finally, we have a solution.

Minimize risk and maximize shelf life

Our solution protects your chocolate from heat-related bloom in temperatures up to 37°C (98.6°F) and extends its shelf life with more than six months. This means that consumers get the best experience with your chocolate and your brand—in any climate.

Stay true to your brand

There is no trade-off between heat stability and sensory properties, so you can stop heat-related bloom while preserving your chocolate’s sensory qualities and retaining the same snap, texture, mouthfeel, and taste that is essential to your brand experience.

Your key to the tropical markets

Hot climate markets are emerging worldwide and hold USD 50 billion dollars in market value. We are present in growth markets around the world and can provide the best resources and solutions to help you succeed in the market.

Easy integration with your production line

TROPICAO™ is a carefully tested solution that can be integrated into your existing production while maintaining and improving production efficiency. The TROPICAO™ solution consists of three components:

  • TROPICAO™ CBI—a Cocoa Butter Improver with enhanced heat resistance and melting characteristics.
  • TROPICAO™ Seed unit.
  • TROPICAO™ Seeder unit, compatible with all production lines and attached to your existing tempering unit. The TROPICAO™ Seeder has the added benefit of reducing excess chocolate flow for a more uniform and better quality enrobing.

Secure your success in hot climate markets with TROPICAO.

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Why you should choose TROPICAO™

TROPICAO™ offers the optimal benefits for your needs:

  • Your key to tropical markets
  • Maximize shelf life, minimize risk
  • Stay true to your brand with uncompromised sensory properties
  • Maintained production efficiency
  • Easy installation and integration to current production line

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