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Being responsible has impact. Pass it on

A major factor when enjoying chocolate is experiencing pleasure.

Pleasure in knowing that there’s ‘good’ in the chocolate that we’re eating. We don’t just mean in its taste and texture. We’re also talking about its impact. Because knowing that what we eat is doing good, makes us feel good too.

As a chocolate manufacturer, it’s only natural that you want to use ingredients that are high in quality. It’s what consumers expect… But what about ingredients that are high in ‘responsibility’? Interest in these is increasing, as more and more consumers look for products that are sustainable on every level – from having a low impact on the environment to leaving a huge positive impact on people’s lives. On communities. On the future.

And it’s only natural that you, as a manufacturer, want to satisfy that desire too. That you want to be part of the bigger picture of making better things happen. Of helping to create a better future. Of guaranteeing your consumers that, with every bite of your chocolate they take, they’re also creating a ripple in the flow of positivity.

How? By joining us in our Kolo Nafaso direct sourcing program.

Because by working together, we can link our individual efforts to create a path that passes positivity on at each and every step.

You see: With our Kolo Nafaso shea, not only are you guaranteed an ingredient that is high-quality, you’re also ensured it has a positive impact. At AAK, we’re committed to creating a positive future just as much as we’re committed to meeting your needs. We want a world where conserving ecosystems, respecting resources, empowering women, supporting communities, and sustainable supply chains go hand-in-hand with reliability, transparency and supply security.

And in fulfilling our commitment, we never lose focus of our drive: that business done well at its source ripples out to successful results at consumer level too. And vice versa. Because passing positivity on works both ways.

Empowerment is an inspiration. Pass it on.

Our Kolo Nafaso program is about building a transparent business model while empowering people to create positive change. Learn more about making a difference here.



The Kolo Nafaso Program

Being part of the Kolo Nafaso Shea Supply program is something to be proud of. Why? Because it starts a domino effect of progress in everything it does.

And when it comes to that sense of pride, it’s something that is felt by everyone connected in the program; through every ripple. By AAK, for having created the largest sustainable shea supply chain in the industry. By you, as you can safely say that you are meeting consumers’ demands for a positive long-term footprint that protects both people and the planet. And by the 345,000+ female smallholder farmers who work together as independent groups within the program and have the power to make a change.

But that’s not all. Because another positive aspect of the Kolo Nafaso program is the benefits it brings.

Take the female shea-collectors who trade directly through the program, for example. By doing so, they can benefit from its pre-finance and bonus system. This enables them to invest in their children’s futures as well as local projects, such as clean water initiatives and resource efficiency measures, if they wish. Which, in turn, can benefit entire communities and can have a significant impact on the lives of more than 1.5 million people in West Africa. Now that’s what you call a ripple of change to pass on!

Two other parties who benefit from this are you and your consumer, because you are part of this movement of positive change. What’s more, as a chocolate manufacturer, you also benefit from a supply chain that is reliable, transparent, traceable and fully segregated, thus meeting all your sustainability targets.

Join our movement of positive change