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The Kolo Nafaso shea program touches the lives of many people in a ripple effect. It empowers female shea-collectors in rural West Africa by providing them with a regular source of income. With the program, they are then able to invest into initiatives that have a positive impact on their families and communities. This gives them the incentive to invest time and effort into the shea business, resulting in higher quality shea kernels, a stable supply and, ultimately, a satisfied customer who will choose to do business with them time and time again. And, of course, a consumer who will consistently enjoy the chocolate that’s produced, which not only tastes good, but does good too.

Women collect shea

“Investing back into community initiatives like clean water, and steaming kernels, helps increase resource efficiency, reduce our impact on the environment and strengthen self-sufficiency.”

- Female shea collector – Burkina Faso

Thanks to the Kolo Nafaso pre-finance and bonus system, the female shea collectors can choose to invest into local projects that benefit their community.

The whole community is impacted

“Most of the women use their bonuses to provide basic needs that they shouldn’t be lacking. Like water. I know communities that use their bonus to dig or repair boreholes, or buy school supplies for students. And in a way I feel I’m making an impact in the communities through AAK.”

- Fuseina Abdul Rahman, AAK Extension Officer/Team Leader, North Yendi

The female shea collectors are not the only people who benefit financially from the Kolo Nafaso program. It also opens up job opportunities for others in the community.

Powerful initiatives are started

“Our women’s group invested our bonuses in renovating the local water boreholes when they were leaking. New valves and pipes were installed, and the community’s water supply was secured for the dry season.”

- Augustina Andrews, chairwoman of Nitagar women’s group

Sustainable shea production empowers women’s groups for example to invest in clean water initiatives that help keep communities stay healthy.

AAK Extension Officers are in close contact with the communities

“The Kolo Nafaso Program is a great employment opportunity for the youth in this region, and I am really proud to be part of the team!”

- Jean Kouadio Atta Tia, AAK Extension Officer/Team Leader

The Extension Officers are AAK’s lifeline to the women’s groups, building strong relationships with the women shea collectors.

Customers are joining and passing on the change

“AAK and Mars have partnered in a ten-year sustainable shea initiative to bring economic and social benefits to the 13,000 women in the program and promote environmental improvements for the shea tree parklands while meeting the growing market demand for high-quality shea kernels.”

- AAK & Mars Press release – June 10, 2021

Because when you positively impact the life of one person, you give them the power to impact others.

Consumer’s actions reach far beyond their own environment

Buying chocolate benefits someone else too. Knowing that your choices are helping families on the other side of the world, makes it all taste so much sweeter.

Happy consumers are the best tool for promoting a product and continuing the ripple of positive change.

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