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Our Kolo Nafaso program is about building a transparent business model while empowering people to create positive change. Take its independent shea-collecting women’s groups for example: by trading with AAK directly, the 350,000+ women are empowered with their own source of income. This enables them to invest in their children’s education, and the good of their families and communities, which in return gives them confidence and brings them respect. Meanwhile, as a chocolate manufacturer, trading via the Kolo Nafaso program ensures you get high-quality raw materials that you can build sustainable long-term value and that you have a positive impact on the people you operate with and create products for.

Women collect shea

"With the pre-finance I receive from the Kolo Nafaso bonus system, I can buy school supplies for my children and help my husband purchase seeds, or buy millet so that my children have enough to eat. That makes me feel very proud because not every woman can help her husband like this."

- Gantiere Some, shea collector and president of the Vaa-lr group, Village Donkore, Burkina Faso

The security of work and a steady income give women a great deal of independence, confidence and respect.

Individual women come together as a group

"At the beginning of the season, AAK Extension Officers visit the women’s groups to discuss the outlook for the season. Part of the volume is pre-financed, and the women are paid at a time of year when they have little or no other source of income. With an improved income, they are also in a better situation to address poverty."

- Aude Traore, Sustainability Manager West Africa, AAK

With their guaranteed income, the women are empowered to invest in their children’s future and their own thriving communities.

The women’s groups impact their whole community

"Being seen as a serious partner by the companies I and the other women in my group trade with, and becoming a proper economic actor in the community, has helped shift the perception people here have about women."

-Female shea collector, Burkina Faso

Many men in the community approve of the women’s business activities and appreciate the contribution to the communities.



Extension officers collaborate directly with the shea-collecting women

"My position gives me the opportunity to link the women to AAK and give them access to the pre-finance they take. So way before they even start collecting their kernels, the women already have the money they need to help them."

- Fuseina Abdul Rahman, AAK Extension Officer/Team Leader, North Yendi

The Kolo Nafaso program is a good way to connect women with businesses and to set up long-term working relationships.


Customers are joining and passing on the change

“AAK and Mars have partnered in a ten-year sustainable shea initiative to bring economic and social benefits to the 13,000 women in the program and promote environmental improvements for the shea tree parklands while meeting the growing market demand for high-quality shea kernels.”

- AAK & Mars Press release – June 10, 2021

To raise awareness of natural resource management to ensure the long-term conservation of shea trees in a region with a fragile ecosystem is one of the project goals.


Consumers contribute with every bite

Three in five global consumers say they are interested in learning more about where their food comes from and how it is made.

- Innova Market insights consumer survey 2020

By buying chocolate that contains shea sourced via the Kolo Nafaso program, consumers are contributing to the ripple of positive change.




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