Tastier, healthier plant-based foods

Made with AkoPlanet™

AkoPlanet™- for plant-based foods

With AkoPlanet™ oils and fats, we can help you make tastier, healthier plant-based foods made with love for people, plants and the planet.

Learn how you can make it with AkoPlanet™

What you can make with AkoPlanet™?

Plant-based Dairy

Made with AkoPlanet™ - take your plant-based dairy products, from cheese, drinks, whipped toppings and spreads, to the next level by working together with our dedicated go-to-market teams.

Plant-based Meat

Made with AkoPlanet™ - work with us to create succulent plant-based meat with the taste and texture your customers crave, and a mind for health and sustainability too!

Plant-based Frozen Dessert

Made with AkoPlanet™ - we can help you bring the plant-based ice cream or frozen dessert your customers are craving to life!