Plant-based cheese white paper

Discover how you can make tastier, healthier plant-based cheese with AkoPlanet™

Take on the challenge of plant-based cheese

Tasty and delicious plant-based alternatives to cheese? Who would say "no" to that! The demand for plant-based cheese continues to grow.

Did you know that cheese is the number one plant-based category consumers want to see more of in the supermarkets? Consumers are seeking more options for a number of reasons, and that means plant-based cheese products need to deliver on all fronts, including taste, texture, health and sustainability.

While the market demands better, the challenges of developing superior alternatives can be complex.

Choosing the right plant-based oils

The choice of plant-based oil solutions play a major role in:

  • Enhancing taste, texture and flavor carry
  • Contributing to flavor masking and acting as a barrier against protein off-flavors
  • Providing structure for all-important mouthfeel, shreddability and sliceability
  • Achieving desired melt, stretch and browning

The young, wellness-driven and environmentally-conscious

Led by Millennials and Generation Z, more and more consumers explore healthy, sustainable plant-based dairy products


Consumers turn to a flexitarian diet. Although many are unwilling to give up animal products totally, they choose to add more plant-based options to their diet.

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White paper on plant-based cheese

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