Plant-based Frozen Dessert

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Plant-based frozen dessert

Let’s be honest, plant-based frozen dessert is not one of life’s necessities - but it certainly feels like it when you’re craving one!

That’s why plant-based frozen dessert has to achieve more than most foods. Consumers seek the same indulgent experience as traditional ice cream, just without the dairy. Healthy and sustainable too? Even better.

Made with people who know a thing or two about taste & texture

While a lot of focus is put on the choice of flavors, did you know that the oils and fats you use can play a major role in:

  • Creating a creamier, smoother texture
  • Enhancing taste and flavor
  • Improving the melt profile

With AkoPlanet™ we can help you hit the mark, working with you to co-develop ingredients that deliver on the taste your customers crave and bringing your plant-based frozen dessert to life.

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AkoPlanet™ by AAK

Together with our customers, we develop great-tasting plant-based food made with love for people, plants and the planet.