Plant-based Meat

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Plant-based meat

Plant-based meat alternatives carry with them a high level of consumer expectation.

And high hopes, too! Consumers yearn for plant-based meat with the taste, texture, aroma and “bite” that come with the meat-eating experience. This means plant-based meat really needs to deliver on all fronts, including eat quality, health and sustainability.

Made with people who know a thing or two about taste & texture

While a lot of focus is put on the choice of plant-based protein, did you know that the oils and fats you use also play a major role in:

  • Enhancing the taste, texture and flavor carry
  • Adding succulence
  • Creating the desired “bite”

With AkoPlanet™ we can help you hit the mark, working with you to co-develop ingredients that deliver on the taste your customers crave, with a mind for health and sustainability too.

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