Innovative and sustainable quality solutions


AAK aims to be the first choice for candle manufacturers and brand owners that prioritize innovative and sustainable candle solutions. To meet the requirements of different candle applications, AAK offers a wide range of functional and sustainable candle waxes based on pure stearic acid and vegetable oils and fats. Our high-quality candle solutions are designed to fit your specific needs.

Extensive knowledge facilitates innovative solutions 

Through our unique Co-Development approach and our extensive portfolio of value-adding services, we assist customers with optimizing performance and efficiency. In addition, we share our expertise by inviting you to learn more in our Candle Academy. In our WaxWorks Labs (see below), we partner with you to develop customized solutions, turning ideas into products. 

Sustainable candle solutions

Sustainability is part of AAK's DNA. We are proud of the fact that our vegetable candle wax and natural stearic acid solutions allow customers to leverage on environmental labeling and compliance with RAL standards. We also offer solutions for environmental certifications such as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel

WaxWorks Labs™

At the AAK WaxWorks Lab facilities in Louisville, USA, and Karlshamn, Sweden, we are all about applying sustainable candle wax solutions to optimize our customers' products. 

Utilizing a range of equipment and technologies to test and analyze different materials, our dedicated candle technicians efficiently apply their knowledge and experience to support with troubleshooting and development of customized solutions. 

Examples of what we do in the AAK WaxWorks Labs

  • Recipe optimization
  • Oil and wax interaction 
  • Soot measuring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Sample evaluation
  • Solution scanning

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Tefacid® stearic acid

AAK’s Tefacid® stearic acids constitute the benchmark for the manufacturing of 100 percent molded stearin candles, yet may also be used in blends with paraffin and vegetable fats.

Tefawax® candle waxes

AAK's Tefawax® premium candle waxes are based on natural, sustainable vegetable oils and fats designed to replace paraffin, partly or in full, in a wide range of candle applications.

Tefafine™ candle additives

AAK's Tefafine™ portfolio of candle additives is carefully developed to enhance and finetune the performance of AAK's Tefawax® products.

Golden Wax candle waxes

Golden Wax brands of botanical-based waxes can be customized to individual customer needs and can be used alone or blended with other waxes, such as paraffin, for optimal performance and cost.