Optimizing Tefawax®

Tefafine™ candle additives

AAK's Tefafine™ portfolio of candle additives is carefully developed to enhance and finetune the performance of our Tefawax® products.

Improving candle quality, functionality and appearance 

The main objective of AAK’s Tefafine candle additives is to increase the overall stability in Tefawax products by controlling the crystallization process. In addition, Tefafine prevents common issues in candle manufacturing, such as frosting, blooming and sweating.

With a well-structured wax composition and efficient crystallization process in place, Tefafine generates a significantly smoother candle surface with less shrinkage, and reduces the substantial migration risk of color, oil and fragrance. Depending on the final application, dosing and mixing may vary between 1 and 7 percent.

Applying candle wax solutions to optimize your products

At AAK, we share our knowledge by inviting customers to learn more in our Candle Academy. In our WaxWorks Labs (see below), we partner with you to develop customized solutions, transforming ideas into products. 

Optimizing sustainability through Tefafine additives 

At AAK, sustainability is central. With Tefafine, we are proud to support the candle industry’s journey with sustainable candle wax. We regularly and carefully monitor our supply chain to ensure alignment with our objectives within responsible sourcing

WaxWorks Labs™

At the AAK WaxWorks Lab facilities in Louisville, USA, and Karlshamn, Sweden, we are all about applying sustainable candle wax solutions to optimize our customers' products. 

Utilizing a range of equipment and technologies to test and analyze different materials, our dedicated candle technicians efficiently apply their knowledge and experience to support with troubleshooting and development of customized solutions. 

Examples of what we do in the AAK WaxWorks Labs

  • Recipe optimization
  • Oil and wax interaction 
  • Soot measuring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Sample evaluation
  • Solution scanning

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