From idea to launch

How we Co-Develop the perfect solution with you

Co-Development in 5 steps

What are your challenges today and tomorrow? We are here to improve your business and offers—from idea to launch. Together with you, our specialists use their extensive knowledge of vegetable oils and fats, trends, markets, and innovation to create long-lasting value for you.

Co-development process in 5 steps - Co-Development - AAK

1. Ideate

Develop and enhance ideas with our specialists

As the market evolves, innovation cycles need to be faster. To create new and innovative solutions, you need a strong understanding of market and consumer needs. Today, it requires higher costs and expertise to create the best possible product at the fastest pace. At AAK, we understand the market, the consumer, and your business.

We believe that the best ideas are created through Co-Development. Together, we can build better solutions. With our collaborative approach and our capabilities in recipe creation, product development, and beyond, we can help you optimize your product and strengthen your business. We provide full confidentiality in all aspects of our Co-Development approach.

2. Create

Multi-oil and multi-process for unique solutions

To create innovative solutions, you need the right combination of factors. You need to collaborate with people who are dedicated to your market segment and truly understand your business. You also need a flexible structure that can be customized to meet your exact project needs and your company’s way of working. At AAK, we combine flexibility, collaboration and expertise to create the perfect solution for you.

Our application capabilities allows us to clearly understand how oils and fats function across industries. We have a profound understanding of how our vegetable oil solutions interact with other components and how they will affect your final product.

AAK is an independent multi-oil company that uses a range of raw materials—palm oil, soya oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, shea oil, and many more. Our unique multi-oil and multi-process approach gives us a wide variety of possibilities and allows us to provide a customized solution.

Oils and fats is our foundation, but our solutions provide so much more. We can offer a wide range of solutions and services that add even more value and enhance your overall business such as customized solutions that enable:

New products 

  • Improved functionality
  • Higher product quality
  • Ease of operations
  • Lower total cost
  • Healthier end products

Solutions beyond oils

  • Mixes of oils and fats with other ingredients
  • Solutions integrated into your value chain
  • Finished products within Foodservice 

3. Prove

Prove your product solution and ensure the right quality

The importance of testing, proof, and protection

Before going into full-scale production and launching the product in the market, we know how crucial it is to fully test the solution in your product. At AAK, we have a scientific and hands-on approach to testing that ensures the highest quality for your end product. It is important that your product fulfils all of its specifications—from ideation to launch. We can provide all necessary documentation to help you meet local legislation.

Food safety and quality assurance is at the top of the agenda

Protecting the safety and the quality of your product should go without compromise. AAK’s quality and food safety approach covers the entire value chain—from raw material to finished product. We meet high standards in all of our sites and follow the strict requirements of today’s leading brand owners and global marketers.

4. Implement

Going from test set-up to full-scale production

At AAK, we take full responsibility for every solution we help create. Not only do we deliver unique, customized solutions—we follow our work closely every step of the way. We support you throughout the process to resolve key issues, guide full scale-up–through implementation of pilot scale to your production line, and ensure relevant testing. Together with us, you can reduce time to market and shorten the path to market success.

5. Launch

Your global partner with local knowledge

At AAK, we can support you in the launch of your product. Our global presence gives us a unique perspective that can assist you in any product launch, particularly when expanding your production into new markets. With sales offices, customization facilities, and production plants all over the world, we provide a global perspective together with a local understanding of market and consumer needs. At AAK, we help you with:

  • Entering new markets: Offering a local understanding of the market drivers and consumer needs.
  • Labeling products: Providing key information and specifications to meet requirements for specific markets.
  • Claims: Guiding product claims and providing necessary documentation.

Let’s collaborate and create new value

The power of Co-Development


Our Co-Development approach means that we bring our capabilities in vegetable oils and fats into a collaboration with you. Together we create lasting value for you and your business.

Co-Development success stories

The power of Co-Development is best proven by our success stories. Our specialists in oils and fats have performed countless collaborations with our customers to come up with groundbreaking solutions.

Courses customized for your needs

You have opportunities to learn more. AAK ACADEMY™ provides courses in chemistry, technology, and specific applications. During AAK Co-Development Innovation Days we generate ideas and concepts.