Sustainability report

Driving employee engagement Engaged and skilled people are crucial for AAK’s future, which is why we have always aimed to attract, develop, and retain the best minds in the business. Our people are enablers of our unique co-development approach and the value-adding solutions we provide. As such, it is vital that our employees always remain highly motivated and engaged, which we achieve in a number of ways. A Great Place to Work In 2020, we conducted a Great Place to Work survey to identify risks and improvement areas, such as our working environment, leadership, workload, sustain- ability, and harassment. The result showed a 5 per- centage points improvement in the global engagement score, from 75 to 80. The results will be shared broadly across AAK and teams will create action plans to ensure continuous improvement for an engaging and sustainable workplace. The plans will also be closely connected to our purpose Making Better Happen and our Better Behaviors. Performance management By implementing a continuous dialogue model for performance management, we create an environment where everyone feels empowered and accountable for their own development. This includes regular interactions between employees and their managers that focus on development. During 2020, we have continued to drive this approach to ensure that our employees always have the support and feedback they need to succeed. Connectivity and Covid-19 During the year, we have focused on staying connected with virtual updates covering the pandemic, business news, as well as tips for working remotely. This has kept everyone well informed. Virtual coffee talks, “lunch and learn” events, team quizzes, and even a virtual family day have been held. Regularly published video clips, under the hashtag #ApartTogether, from colleagues across the globe kept us connected. AAKtivate For the last ten years, AAK Mexico and AAK Colombia have successfully worked with an employee well-be- ing program called AAKtivate. The program focuses on physical and mental health, including key factors such as nutrition. An amazing outcome of this is that employees in Mexico and Colombia together have lost an incredible 1,000 kilograms in weight! We believe that this program contributes to a healthier lifestyle and by that increased motivation, increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and reduced health costs. An important part of the AAKtivate program is to identify physical and psychological work issues, ways to mitigate these, and to follow up on all progress. During 2020, the AAKtivate program has started to be rolled out globally across our production sites and offices. AAK Sustainability Report 2020 38 Contributes to: