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Responsible sourcing

Just as it is vital for AAK to source the best raw materials, we place equal emphasis on where they are coming from and how they have been produced. We set high standards of business ethics in our own production and we require our suppliers to establish equally high standards throughout their complete supply chains.

The AAK Group Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all of AAK’s direct raw material suppliers worldwide and we require all of them to sign and commit to it.

Responsible supply chains

We at AAK strive to ensure that sustainability requirements in the areas of legal compliance, human and labor rights, environment, anti-corruption, and rural livelihoods are implemented throughout our supply chains. These requirements seek to integrate the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, as well as the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Smallholder inclusion

Smallholder inclusion in raw material supply chains is a key objective for AAK. Our commitment is to actively ensure that smallholders are not excluded from our supply chains as a result of high sustainability requirements, and that we initiate projects across our supply base to encourage and support smallholders. Specifically, we aim to contribute to initiatives that support smallholder livelihoods, through mechanisms such as improved yields and community development. The Forever Sabah project in Borneo, Malaysia, and our women’s groups program Kolo Nafaso in West Africa are two examples of AAK’s smallholder engagements.


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AAK House of Sustainability

Sustainable growth is the key objective of our strategy. For us, it is about our responsibility towards all of our key stakeholders—the local communities where we operate, our customers, our employees, our investors, and our suppliers.

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