Process Engineer


Casper Clausen

Where are you a trainee?
I am currently on the 2018 Global Trainee Program; as a Process Engineering Trainee in Aarhus, Denmark.

What made you apply for a role with AAK?
It seemed like a unique opportunity for me to accelerate my professional career in the industry after many years in academia.

What does a typical day at AAK look like?
Being in a very international job role where I must support all the sites within AAK, there is basically no such thing as a typical day. But in general, I spend most of my time working on different projects within process design and optimization. I have meetings, desk work, and work in the production.

What is your biggest professional challenge?
Being able to prioritize between different tasks with different stakeholders. My time feels more valuable than it did at the university.

What would be your best advice to trainees looking for a good start to their careers?
Ask questions!

What are your interests?
I like to travel to new places, play board games, have a good time with friends and family, and exercise by playing volleyball or badminton.

What is the coolest thing you have done?
I recently dived with sharks (hammerheads and oceanic whitetips) in Egypt which was an equally amazing and terrifying experience.

What do you always carry with you – and why?
A realistic perception of my own knowledge and skillset – and the curiosity to broaden both – because this is what has always worked well for me and brought me where I am today.