Daan Lugard - Careers - AAK

Strategic Account Manager

Western Europe, the Netherlands

Daan Lugard

When and where were you a trainee?
In 2012 I was a sales trainee for Western Europe based in the Netherlands.

What made you apply for a role with AAK?
I applied with AAK because I always wanted to act in a business to business environment and felt AAK was looking for the next generation of talents that could offer this experience.

What does a typical day at AAK look like?
That’s the best thing about my current role as a Strategic Account Manager. There are no typical days. One day I’m visiting a chocolate factory, the next day I’m negotiating contracts, and the day after that I’m bringing AAK innovations to a customer making their lives easier and happier! Furthermore, I absolutely enjoy having a role that allows many connections with people all around the world.

What is/has been your biggest professional challenge?
Successfully operating in one of the most competitive industries, driving key topics familiar within the vegetable oils and fats industry.

What would be your best advice to trainees looking for a good start to their careers?
Give your full 100%, ask questions and enjoy the journey.

What are your interests?
Travelling, snowboarding, and cooking.

What is the coolest thing you have done?
Becoming a father. 

What do you always carry with you — and why?
My mobile phone because you always have to be connected in this fast world.