AAK Margarete Kerfers

Research Scientist

AAK HQ, Sweden

Margarete Kerfers

When and where were you a trainee?
In 2016, I became a trainee based in Malmö, Sweden in the Business Development & Marketing Team, focusing on Bakery. In 2018, I joined the Product and Technology Development team as a Research Scientist.

What made you apply for a role with AAK?
During my master thesis I had worked with fats and oils, and I was very much attracted by the global environment to work in. Also, the trainee program sounded versatile and like there was a lot to learn, plus a lot of fun.

What does a typical day at AAK look like?
A typical day for me is a mix of focus time and teamwork. I dig into literature or patent studies, I design experiments and evaluate data, and I write reports and patent drafts. On top of that, I collaborate with my direct colleagues and teams working in labs or commercially, as well as external project partners such as universities and research institutes.

What is/has been your biggest professional challenge?
The change of environment – going from a technical education (food technology) into the commercial work-field. This has been a great development area for me.  It has meant that I have had a lot of learning on how to deal with unknown areas and build my knowledge. A challenge that I am very happy for, as it made me grow!

What would be your best advice to trainees looking for a good start to their careers?
Dare to try and explore – you can learn everything if you are willing to listen and observe!

What are your interests?
Experimenting with food, doing sports (climbing, dancing, running), exploring places and cultures, be together with family and friends.

What is the coolest thing you have done?
A 3-day jungle hike in Costa Rica.

What do you always carry with you – and why?
A book and running shoes, good ways of relaxing when travelling short or long!