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AAK Yosika Yogiaman

Sales Executive


Yosika Yogiaman

Where were you a trainee?
I was a Sales trainee in AAK Singapore and joined the Trainee programme in 2017.

What made you apply for a role with AAK?
AAK was very ambitious in expanding its business, especially in Asia. I wanted to be part of the journey with AAK. Besides, I have always wanted to work in the food industry and in a commercial role, so it was a perfect fit for me. Last but not least, the Trainee Programme thrilled me because it was challenging, yet very fulfilling.

What does a typical day at AAK look like?
In AAK Singapore, we have many exciting projects that I am a part of. As a trainee, I was a key stakeholder together with my colleagues, collaborating on projects ranging from planning exhibitions, events, regulatory studies, market research, etc., while being a sales apprentice full-time.

What is your biggest professional challenge?
The biggest professional challenge for me is the language barrier with customers who don’t speak English or Bahasa Indonesia (my mother tongue). With a large cultural diversity in South East Asia, as a sales person we are expected to deal with such situations. But, when there is a will, there is a way! Nevertheless, customer service is all about attitude, like Benjamin Franklin said, "Well done is better than well said".

What would be your best advice to trainees looking for a good start to their careers?
My advice is to be open to possibilities. My life motto is "never try, never know". When you are just starting your career, it is good to be humble and enthusiastically learn from everyone and everything. Have a positive attitude and be a team player!

What are your interests?
Food is my passion. Being trained in food science and technology field, I get really excited when I talk or learn about the science behind food. I also consider myself a "foodie" and I am constantly thinking about what to eat because I have to make those calories worth it!

What is the coolest thing you have done?
The coolest thing I have done is to climb Mount Batur in Bali at 3 am to catch the sunrise. The view was breath-taking but the climb left me breathless!

What do you always carry with you—and why?
I always carry my phone with me especially when I am travelling because it is like an all-in-one travelling tool for me. Other than for communicating, I use it for scheduling, emailing, finding directions, flight booking, hotel booking, taxi booking, etc.

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