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What you will do and learn

as an AAK Trainee

AAK Trainee Program curriculum

A large part of the learning in the AAK Trainee Program comes from On-The-Job learning in your role; the specific and concrete personal experiences and professional development that comes with performing in the job. On a day-to-day basis your manager will ensure proper coaching and feedback for your development.

In your first year with us, your professional development is accelerated through this list of development activities designed specifically for the AAK Trainee Program. The formal development combined with the On-The-Job learning will enhance your ability to perform in your role during the your first year... and beyond.

Trainee Session One—Introduction

Trainee session one is part of your on-boarding to AAK, covering topics such as Trainee Program, Understanding our global organisation, Engaging with our values, Establishing yourself and building a career at AAK, Teambuilding, and the launch of the Trainee project.

Operational and Commercial Modules

The four-week Operational module takes place at one of our European production sites and will give you an in-depth knowledge of our operationals from receipt of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product to our customers.

The two-week Commercial module takes place within our European and Nordics commercial organization and will give you in-depth knowledge of our AAK Strategy, our Co-Development approach, our Go-To-Market strategies together with the commercial value chain within Bakery, Dairy, CCF, and Special Nutrition.

Operational and Commercial Rotations

The Operational and Commercial rotations consist of four one-week internal rotations to functions adjacent to your position to support you in understanding how your role plays a part in delivering with our business for our customers. The rotations build your global network and reinforce the learnings from the Commercial and Operational modules to give you a hands-on experience and application of your learning.

Trainee Session Two—Personal Development

Designed to reinforce your personal and professional development, Trainee session two includes a series of workshops, teambuilding, and case work. You and your managers will receive individual feedback on your team working skills, and development opportunities.

International Assignment

The four-week international assignment takes you to another one of our locations where you will either be tasked with taking over a Trainee colleague's role in that location, or tasked with taking on a project to deliver during your time there. You will be developing your global network, utilising your project management and personal development skills whilst building your cultural diversity and awareness. While away on your assignment, you will still have the responsibility to maintain your own position and support your Trainee colleagues.

Formal Training

You will get to experience additional development such as Sales Training for Commercial Track Trainees and Project Management Training for Operations Track Trainees respectively as well as need-based individual training related to the specific position.

Executive Mentorship

Our Executive Committee has a strong focus and hands-on approach to our Trainee Program. Thoughout the first 12 months, you will have access to a mentor at executive level to guide and inspire you. In addition to your manager, your mentor will also be there to support you to "open doors" and build your global network.

Trainee Project

The Trainee project gives you valuable experience on a global cross-functional project on an actual business case owned by one or more Executive Committee members. You will be part of a team that will develop work together to research and generate business insights gained through the delivery of your project. You will present your recommendations to our Executive Committee members and the project sponsors.

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