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Feed for top-performing ruminants

Higher yield and better growth


Higher yield, better growth, and increased fat content in the milk—our products are developed for increased efficiency and benefit of the animals.

AAK has specialized products for high-performing dairy cattle as well as fast-growing beef cattle. We also have solutions tailored for specific needs in nutrition or on technical performance in production.

Optimize your protein utilization for better profits

During early and peak lactation, the cow needs a protein concentrate which is rich in essential amino acids. Young, growing cattle, in particular, need high levels of protein in their diets to support muscle growth. It is well proven that feeding by-pass protein to young growing animals benefits animal performance and muscle development. To support high milk yield or significant daily weight gain, good roughage must be combined with a feed with high energy content and a high level of by-pass protein.


ExPro® is a protein feed based on non-GMO rapeseed meal intended for use in feed for ruminants such as dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, and goat. It has an exceptionally high share of by-pass protein and is specifically developed for high-producing cattle, both dairy cows and beef cattle, and can completely replace soybean meal in most feed rations.

ExPro® provides twice as much by-pass protein as standard rapeseed meal and is rich in essential amino acids. The use of ExPro® prevents excessive protein feeding and gives the possibility to use more local forage, which is generally the most cost-effective option for the producer. ExPro® is also GMO-free and guaranteed free from salmonella.

By-pass fats for high milk yield and increased fat

High-yielding dairy cows have a huge demand for energy during early lactation as milk yield increases rapidly after calving. The energy content in fat is almost three times higher than in cereals. Protein feeds and an extra supply of fat during early lactation can significantly improve milk yield and the content of milk fat.

A rumen-protected fat passes through the rumen intact and without negative effects on fiber digestion and supplies the ruminant with a concentrated source of energy. AAK has developed two lines of rumen-protected fats with different benefits—AkoFeed Gigant and AkoFeed Lac.

AkoFeed® Gigant

AkoFeed® Gigant is a line of by-pass fats, which are rumen-protected by saturation. AkoFeed® Gigant products supply a concentrated source of energy and are specifically recommended in diets for high-yielding dairy cows with a high demand for energy.

Our AkoFeed® Gigant product line includes three products with different levels of palmitic acid, AkoFeed Gigant 45, AkoFeed Gigant 60, AkoFeed Gigant 80 and AkoFeed Gigant 96, with minimum 45%, 60%, 80% and 92% palmitic acid respectively. This selection gives the compound feed producer the perfect opportunity to optimize cost against fatty acid composition.

AkoFeed® Lac

Our AkoFeed® Lac products are rumen-protected by saponification. AkoFeed® Lac products increase the milk yield, improve the body condition score, and benefit the cow’s health and fertility.

Our AkoFeed® Lac product line includes two products, AkoFeed® Lac 45 and AkoFeed® Lac 70. AkoFeed® Lac 45 is a classic calcium fat based on fatty acids. AkoFeed® Lac 70 is very similar, but with an enhanced level of palmitic acid to boost milk fat content even further.

Energy boost the feed with AkoFeed® liquid fats

Adding liquid fat is a cost-efficient alternative for boosting the energy content in the feed blends. AkoFeed liquid fats is a line of oils and fats of vegetable origin. AAK has two different liquid fat blends that are suitable for ruminants: AkoFeed Cattle and AkoFeed Standard.

AkoFeed® Cattle

AkoFeed Cattle is the best option for producers of cattle feed to increase the energy content in the feed. It has a lower degree of unsaturated fatty acids and a higher content of palmitic acid (C16:0) which makes it less rumen active than softer feed oils. Thus, a larger amount of the fatty acids are digested in the small intestine.

AkoFeed® Standard

AkoFeed® Standard is a vegetable fat blend which can be used for cattle, swine, and poultry. With a limited number of tanks for raw materials, this is the perfect option. It can also be used for coating of the finished pellets.

In addition to these solutions, we tailor products in cooperation with you to suit your specific needs.

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