Sustainable solutions

For a better future

Better solutions

AAK's aims to help customers improve the sustainability credentials of their brands, and to support them in driving consumer demand for product solutions that are better for people and the planet.

Better Solutions shall enhance activities that drive the demand for sustainable solutions, create prerequisites to establish a stronger pipeline for sustainable solutions, and incorporate sustainable development in the way we measure our performance.

Through better solutions we can be part of the solution for a more sustainable future.


Our commitments are supported by the following ambitions for 2021 and 2025: 

Increasing the demand for better solutions 
2021: Identify and share best practices on selling sustainable solutions 

Co-developing with customers to do good for people and planet
2021: Ensure sustainability is fully embedded in the opportunity management process

Enhancing sustainable development with our solutions
2025: 50 percent of revenue contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

Key achievements 2020

In 2020, we progressed with the following key achievements:  

Increase the demand for sustainable solutions 

  • Increased the demand for RSPO-certified sustainable palm by 23 percent
  • Deeper understanding of our customers' sustainability needs
  • New web-based ways of interacting and sharing best practices 

A stronger pipeline for sustainable solutions 

  • A larger part of our opportunity pipeline is based upon customer needs within sustainability
  • New partnerships established to strengthening our customer innovation within plant-based foods (MISTA, Good Food Institute)
  • Establishing Global Center of Excellence for plant-based activities
  • Strengthened support for our customers' needs with our Health & Nutrition platform
  • Building stronger platform for resource-efficient solutions 

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals 

  • New plant-based food products brought to market in cooperation with our customers
  • 34 percent of revenue contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

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