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Give your animals what they need

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Animal Nutrition

Are you producing poultry, cattle, swine, or even fish? Our range of different feed solutions will benefit your business as well as your animals.

The nutritional needs of animals differ depending on species, size, age, breed, and purpose. AAK develops solutions for the specific nutritional requirements of the most common production animals. The aim of our solutions is always the same: to give your animals what they need and improve the overall effectiveness of our customers’ businesses.

Fats and proteins are essential

AAK’s focus in animal nutrition lies within fats and proteins. For animals, fat is important when building cell membranes and hormones, and it acts as a carrier for vitamins. Energy in fat is 2–3 times higher than in most cereals and protein feeds, and it significantly increases the energy concentration of the feed ration. If the right fat is fed to an animal, it efficiently improves the animal’s energy supply.

Fat can also aid in the production of compound feed to reduce friction and dusting, or to improve pellet quality.

Proteins are essential to all animals in a large variety of ways as they are the important building blocks in, for example, muscles, hair, and skin. Proteins often account for a high share of the feed cost. Therefore, optimized protein feeding is very often the key to effective and profitable animal production.

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