AAK's Articles of Association

adopted by the Annual General Meeting 2020

AAK's Articles of Association

On this page you will find AAK's current Articles of Association, adopted by the Annual General Meeting 2020.

The Articles of Association are adopted by the Annual General Meeting, the highest decision-making body. 

The Articles of Association contains a number of disclosures of a more fundamental nature for the company, such as what operations to conduct, the size and the registered office of the Board of Directors, the size of the share capital, conversion of shares, number of shares and how notice of an Annual General Meeting is to be provided.

Download the latest Articles of Association, adopted by the Annual General Meeting 2020. 

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Corporate Governance

The aim of AAK’s corporate governance is to define a clear allocation of responsibility and roles between the owners, the Board, the Executive management team, and various control bodies.

Corporate Governance Report

In accordance with the Annual Accounts Act and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, AAK's Annual Report includes a Corporate Governance Report.

Nomination Committee

The task of the Nomination Committee is to make proposals to the Annual General Meeting regarding election of the Chairman and other members of the Board, and of the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting.


AAK’s Board consists of eight people of which two members are appointed by company employees.