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We listen, care, and act responsibly

Code of Conduct

AAK’s vision is to be the first choice for plant-based oil solutions. In order to obtain this vision it is of vital importance that the organization and each employee are financially, socially, and ethically conscious and responsible.

You should be able to trust the AAK. All our employees should know how to think, act and behave in the name of the AAK. Therefore, we have a common set of values, allowing us to share the same company culture wherever we work in AAK. We combine these values with the AAK Code of Conduct, our policies and our rules for corporate governance. The result is a strong framework that safeguards your and our businesses. It provides ethical guidelines for our employees but also defines our responsibility for the societies and humans that we bring together as we innovate and create value-adding vegetable oil solutions.

The Code of Conduct comprises these areas:


  • Implementation
  • Compliance

Information and Communication

  • Confidential information
  • Records
  • Insider trading
  • Government investigations
  • Employee privacy
  • Communication

Business ethics

  • Laws and regulations
  • Fair business dealing
  • Bribery, gifts and favours
  • Political contributions and lobbying
  • Conflicts of interests

Human and Labor rights

  • Social responsibility
  • Working hours and compensation
  • Recruitment and development
  • E-mail
  • Company assets
  • Suppliers

Health, Safety, and Environment

  • Workplace
  • Environment
  • Suppliers

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In short: Our Code of Conduct

Discover the short version of AAK’s Code of Conduct, the document that guides us on how we should think, act, and behave in our work in all areas.