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High ethical standards

An important foundation for our success

Group Code of Conduct

High ethical standards are at the very heart of AAK and strongly connected to our purpose, Making Better Happen™. To realize this purpose, it is of vital importance that each individual in our organization is financially, socially and ethically conscious and responsible.

Our Group Code of Conduct (the Code), together with our policies and our rules for corporate governance, provide a strong reference point for our activities. The Code also clarifies to all our stakeholders how we conduct our business. 

We require all of our business partners and suppliers to follow relevant requirements in our Group Code of Conduct that are stipulated in separate codes for suppliers, agents and distributors. 

It is our mutual responsibility to make the right decisions, conduct business in the right way, and be accountable for our actions in line with the Code. 

By consistently living our Code, we are together laying the important foundation for our success.