Customizing your solutions

Creating lasting business value and a better consumer experience

Our business model

At AAK, we are specialized in plant-based oils that are the value-adding ingredients in consumer products. We offer value-adding solutions to a range of industries, such as Chocolate & Confectionery, Bakery, Dairy, Plant-based Foods, Special Nutrition, Foodservice and Personal Care. We work closely together with you to customize your solutions and to achieve lasting business value.

Markets are evolving all over the world and new opportunities arise. Some trends in our key markets are health and wellness, clean label, sustainability, cost efficiency, and premium offers. AAK’s business model is suited to help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Collaboration that creates value

AAK’s unique Co-Development approach means a close collaboration between you and our experts. Together we create the value-adding solutions that you need. Innovation, research, experience and relationships have given AAK the deepest knowledge of oils and fats in different applications, in different markets. We are proactive, aware of trends, and collaborate with you from idea generation to launch.

World-class innovation and customization

AAK is present where you are. We address local markets and needs—and we act as a global partner. AAK has a multi-oil and multi-process approach with more than 20 production facilities and customization plants around the world. At our Customer Innovation Centers across the globe we have dedicated people ready to innovate and customize value-adding vegetable oil solutions for you.

Optimal solutions for your needs

We come with new opportunities for health, nutrition, and functionality that satisfy your needs. Through close collaboration with AAK’s technical and commercial experts, you are assured to get the optimal solution for your specific needs, including taste, improved health profile, processing, logistics, labelling, and legal requirements.

We care for better health

Our expertise has enabled us to reduce the majority of industrially produced trans fats, which are believed to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to the WHO and the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations the intake of trans fatty acids should be kept at an absolute minimum.


We strive to reduce cost of raw materials as well as processing costs to meet your demands on cost-efficiency. This is important as we work in a highly competitive market where retailers continue to challenge food manufacturers.

Sustainability for our future

Sustainable growth is about taking responsibility towards all of our key stakeholders—the local communities where we operate, customers, employees, investors, and suppliers. The foundation of our model for sustainable growth is the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and our own policies and codes.

You are all important to us

We drive progress within five important focus areas: Our Customers, Our Suppliers, Our Planet, Our People, and Our Neighbours. We guarantee you sound business ethics and a deep understanding of our responsibility for safeguarding your brands. As a supplier of ingredients for some of the world’s best-known brands, we recognize our role to satisfy your needs, create added value, and improve your offer.

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