Spreads market is on the rise


Chocolate spreads have long been enjoyed on bread, toast and pancakes. Originally promoted as sweet, chocolate-flavored pastes for kids, they have become an essential item at breakfast and in all-day snacks in many markets.

We can help you create spreads adapted to your consumers’ preferences and with an appealing appearance to enhance all senses.

Spread market is on the rise

Consumers are increasingly aware of the nutritional benefits of nuts. It is a significant factor supplementing the market growth of sweet spreads. New flavors, textures and formats are taking spreads beyond the traditional chocolate and hazelnut formulas. Consumers are open to new ways and times to enjoy spreads, especially as snacks. They are looking for exciting, new experiences from high-quality products. To meet that demand, spreads must deliver a delicious taste and texture. High visual appeal is a must.

What consumers want

There are many things to consider when making a high-quality spread. One of the most important is the choice of oils & fats for the spread, as it influences properties such as taste, consistency, structure, and stability. We have solutions for all your needs, making sure that your spread is tasty and stable regardless of the climate at your market.

Deliciously, healthy habits

Over the years, we have placed increasing emphasis on sourcing sustainable raw materials and reducing the environmental impact of our processes. So, if first-class innovation, efficient processing, and sustainable development are among your top priorities, you’ll find us a like-minded partner.

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