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Ice cream for maximum delight

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Ice cream

All consumers are looking for maximum delight when enjoying an ice cream. Our ice cream solutions based on vegetable oils and fats are designed to deliver the best on all levels. The solutions use sustainable raw materials and also enable a better nutritional profile, at the lowest cost.

In our hearts, we are innovators who listen to your needs. Our range of unique vegetable oils and fats solutions gives you many new opportunities. We offer you the know-how and trend-awareness necessary for creating traditional or new types of ice cream.

Great sensory experience

Our solutions are designed to provide a great sensory experience that ensures an ultimate enjoyment. The right fat blend is one of the most critical factors behind the right texture, smell, and taste.

Healthier ice cream

Healthier ice cream covers important aspects, such as the nutritional profile. Since we choose the right blend of raw materials our solutions can be customized to give you nutritional advantages like no trans fats or reduced saturation. To ensure that the quality of the vegetable fats is the very best, AAK uses only the best raw materials from sustainable sources. All of them are delivered in a cost-efficient way.

A wide range of solutions for you

Being true co-developers, we collaborate with you to innovate and customize the ice cream that will meet all market expectations. This teamwork covers developing the ice cream body as well as the ice cream coating for different types of ice cream—soft serve, impulse, or take-home ice cream.

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