Perfection in every bite

Biscuits and Cookies

Today, the market offers a cookie or biscuit for every occasion. They all have one thing in common though—fat is a key ingredient. We can help you get the right kind of fat.

The number of biscuits and cookies available on the market can almost be daunting. And fat types and contents that are used to make them vary almost as widely: from the high level of relatively soft fats used in deposited semi-sweet biscuits and cookies to low-fat products, such as crackers. At AAK, we co-develop speciality fats solutions to meet the demands of dough processing and baking as well as of the final biscuits and cookies. We also secure the right crystallization and pleasant mouth-feel for fillings and coatings. And by collaborating with us, you can be confident that your baked product meets current consumer trends.

Achieving perfect taste

We offer a variety of butter blends as well as premium vegan butter alternatives that allow your finished product to taste, feel, smell, and look like a traditional butter-based biscuit or cookie. Our premium plant-based butter alternatives cream faster than butter, hold more air longer, and are consistent in quality year-round, which means your biscuit will be perfect, every batch.

Expertise for all your needs

AAK’s extensive history in developing healthier vegetable oils and fats has made us experts in filling fats and barrier fats solutions. Our filling fats meet your desired nutritional profile while maintaining and enhancing the sensory qualities of your original product. Our barrier fats have been specially formulated to mitigate fat bloom and extend the shelf life of your product.

Working for you, together with you

Our dedicated team of bakery experts co-develops margarines, shortenings, butter blends, and butter alternatives, together with you to achieve the perfect eating quality for your biscuits and cookies. Our Bakery Customer Innovation team will provide you with the equipment, expertise, and service needed to make sure your baked goods come out of the pan perfectly, every batch.