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Cakes, Muffins, and Doughnuts

Make sure you have the right fat in your cake, muffin, or doughnut. Fat is a key ingredient in these lovely baked goods, and by choosing different types of fats, you can achieve a variety of eating experiences.

At AAK, we have everything from simple liquid oils and structured cake margarines, to shortenings and emulsified shortenings. We also offer products for frying doughnuts.

The magic of fats

The fat in your cakes and muffins is absolutely essential. It contributes to structure, texture, gas cell distribution, and mouthfeel. The fat also prevents moisture migration, which will allow for a longer shelf life. The type of frying oil you choose for your doughnuts is also important since the majority of the fat in your doughnut comes from the frying fat.

Like butter, but better

We offer a variety of butter blends, as well as premium vegan butter substitutes and alternatives, that allow your finished product to taste, feel, smell, and look like a traditional butter-based cake. Our premium plant-based butter alternatives cream faster than butter, hold more air longer, and provide consistent quality year-round. So, every batch will be perfect.

We are here to help you

At AAK, we understand the oils and fats that go into your baked products. We also understand oils used as release agents that will optimize the processes on your lines and reduce waste. Our Bakery Customer Innovation team will provide you with the equipment, expertise, and service needed to make sure your baked goods come out of the pan perfectly, every batch.

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