Plant-based dairy

Make it with AkoPlanet™

Tastier plant-based dairy is made with AkoPlanet™

Tasty and delicious plant-based alternatives to dairy? Who would say "no" to that! No matter if it’s cheese for your pizza, milk for your coffee or whipped cream with your cupcake, our AkoPlanet™plant-based oil ingredients create moments of pure enjoyment that are good for the planet too.

The demand for plant-based dairy continues to grow. Consumers are seeking alternatives to dairy for a number of reasons, and that means plant-based dairy products need to deliver on all fronts, including taste, texture, health and sustainability.

And the variety should be as broad as traditional dairy too, including:

  • Cheese
  • Fermented products e.g. yogurts
  • Frozen desserts
  • Whipped toppings and creams
  • Drinks
  • Spreads and butter

The challenge? Take plant-based cheese as an example; one size doesn’t fit all! The best pizza needs a plant-based cheese that stretches and browns just like mozzarella. In a sandwich or on a cracker, should it be grated or sliced, or mimic the spreadability of cream cheese?

Made with people who know a thing or two about taste & texture

While a lot of focus is placed on the choice of plant-based protein or starch, did you know that the oils and fats you use also play a major role in:

  • Enhancing taste, texture and flavor carry
  • Improving the melting and browning of plant-based cheese
  • Improving the creaminess and whipping properties of plant-based toppings 

With AkoPlanet™ we can help you hit the mark no matter the type of plant-based dairy product. We work with you to co-develop ingredients that deliver on the taste your customers crave, with a mind for health and sustainability too.