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Make your chocolate the natural choice

Give it a little extra quality


AAK are experts in developing natural, efficient, and sustainable alternatives to cocoa butter that deliver improved functionality. Our solutions let you create chocolate that meet needs such as longer shelf life, great taste, and flavor release.

Chocolate is one of life’s delights, which is why it is so loved and why consumers demand high-quality products. Today, manufacturers are looking to improve their chocolates’ taste, texture, and looks. We can help you with that and more, and make sure your chocolate will still be chocolate.

The advantages of plant-based fats

Our speciality plant-based fats for chocolate are designed to supplement, or completely replace, the cocoa butter in your recipes. Our solutions have the same composition as chocolate, but provide advantages such as longer shelf life and improved meltdown, snap, and texture. Using our solutions, you can give molded chocolate, coatings, and confectionery fillings the right taste, mouthfeel, and meltdown properties.

Let’s co-develop the optimal solution

We are The Co-Development Company, which means that we bring our long experience and innovative mindset into a close collaboration with you. Together we come up with the optimal solution that suits the needs of your business and customers. We know the markets around the world, and can help you adapt your offer for different climates and consumer groups, giving your chocolate benefits such as heat stability, bloom stability, and a healthier image.

Cost-efficient and sustainable

We always consider the price tag and therefore offer you cost-efficient and tailor-made solutions, consistent quality, and improved capacity. Choosing AAK is also a responsible choice, since we use sustainable raw materials in our solutions.

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