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The right fats for delicious breads and rolls

Breads and Rolls

Enrich your bread with the right type of fat and give it the taste and texture you want. AAK offers vegetable oil solutions for bread and roll production that will assist you in achieving perfect results, every time.

Fat is a relatively minor ingredient in industrial bread, typically making up only 1–2 percent of the flour weight in tin bread, but in flatbreads it could be up to 5–7 percent of the flour weight, and 10 percent or more in enriched products, such as soft rolls. Even at low levels, however, fat is a key ingredient in high-speed, industrial bread processing.

What type of fat do you need?

AAK’s range of bakery fats has been specifically developed for different types of breads, soft rolls, and yeast donuts, and they include extruded, cubed, and high-ratio shortenings, margarines, as well as liquid oils. Our liquid and pumpable shortenings might include emulsifiers that help emulsify the liquids and assist in the production of small air bubbles. In addition to reducing the saturated fat content, liquid fats tend to give you a softer bread.

Optimizing the process

AAK not only understands the oils and fats that go into your breads and rolls, but we also understand oils used as release agents that will optimize your processing lines. Our Bakery Customer Innovation team will provide you with the equipment, expertise, and service needed to make sure your baked goods come out of the pan perfectly, every batch, without sticking or oil build-up.

Let’s work together

Our dedicated team of bakery experts co-develops solutions together with you to achieve the perfect bread for your market, wherever it may be. We understand the oils and fats that go into your breads and rolls—and we know how to optimize the processes on the lines and how to reduce waste.

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