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Financial dates

for our reports, annual general meeting and more

Financial calendar

On this page, you find the dates for year-end and quarterly reports, our annual general meeting, silent periods and more.


June 20 Start of silent period* ahead of Q2 earnings
July 19, 12:00 CET Q2 and six-month report 2022
September 26 Start of silent period* ahead of Q3 earnings
October 25, 08:30 CET Q3 and nine-month report 2022
November 29 Capital Market Day (Stockholm, Sweden)


January 4 Start of silent period* ahead of Q4 and year-end earnings
February 2 Q4 and year-end report for 2022

* AAK observes a so-called silent period of 30 days prior to the release of a quarterly report. During this period there will be no communication between company management and representatives of the financial markets. 

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