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Better baked goods

with solutions customized for your needs


AAK is a global player and a leading supplier of speciality oils and fats for the bakery industry. With the help of our solutions, the road to a perfect result and a happy end customer is both shorter and easier.

We offer sustainable solutions that are responsibly sourced, have superior functionality, and that provide a healthier nutritional profile. Our solutions come in the form of shortenings, laminating fats, frying oils, margarines, flaked shortenings, hardstocks, melanges, and many other products that can be customized to fit your specific baking needs and match or even make your production processes more efficient.

Collaboration for perfection

At AAK, we understand that two baked goods are not the same. Our long experience of co-developing tailored solutions, combined with our trend awareness and market presence, give you the right conditions for meeting your consumers’ preferences. So, whether you’re looking for butter replacement, lower saturated fat content and a healthier nutritional profile, texture and functionality improvements, or clean label solutions, we collaborate with you through our Co-Development approach to ensure that our joint team find the perfect solution for you.

Experience and knowledge – at your service

With more than 150 years of food industry experience, we have gained knowledge in other critical areas of baking, such as developing and utilizing filling and cream fats, release agents, divider oils, and emulsifiers. We help identify potential efficiencies in your production line and work with you to ensure your baked good can be made perfectly, every time. We collaborate with you from pilot testing through full-scale production, ensuring product support and shortening time to market. Our market knowledge will help guide the success of your product launch, and we will support you long after your product hits the shelves.

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