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Cheese challenges

AAK makes you ready for what’s coming


Hard cheese, soft cheese, mozzarella, processed cheese or cream cheeses—AAK has the knowledge that bridges your and your customers’ needs for new or improved cheeses, based on our unique vegetable oils and fats solutions.

Cheese processing can be challenging in itself but when replacing dairy fat the challenges become even bigger. You must ensure the same organoleptic experience and functional properties, such as taste, meltability, browning, and shredability, as in dairy fat-based cheeses. This is AAK’s top priority when we deliver solutions for your cheese offer.

Cost efficiency and sustainability

AAK’s solutions for the different cheese segments are designed to enable cost-efficient cheese production. Besides this, our responsible sourcing provides sustainable and safe raw materials that are used for developing the different solutions for the specific type of cheese.

Finding the best option for your needs

Our extensive range of value-adding solutions form the basis for innovation and customization through our Co-Development approach, where we collaborate with you to find the most suitable option for your needs.

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