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Dairy and Ice cream

No matter what your challenges in the Dairy and Ice cream industry are, our customer innovation managers will collaborate with you and come up with the optimal solution, based on their extensive knowledge of vegetable oils and fats and their deep insights about each application.

We have long experience of how to customize solutions for segments like Ice cream, Cheese, Whipped Toppings, Yellow Fats, Fermented Milk Products, Milk Drink & Powder, and Coffee Whitener. Our solutions and our expertise can add unique benefits to your final consumer products. This is possible thanks to our extensive knowledge of oils and fats and an understanding of the whole value chain, including deep insights about each application.

Through our Co-Development approach, we will together with you clarify your product and business needs. We will use our innovative mindset and creativity together with you to develop solutions perfectly fitted for your needs. We assist and advise you in everything from purchasing the raw material to production, marketing, and sales.

You get excellence when it comes to qualities like taste, texture, and appearance. Our range of solutions also offers you a healthier nutritional profile, strong sustainability promises, and improved cost efficiency.

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