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When cocoa butter isn’t enough

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Cocoa butter is widely regarded as an essential ingredient in chocolate production. But the fact is that cocoa butter is not always the best choice.

At AAK, we are experts in developing natural, efficient alternatives to cocoa butter that both make life on your processing line a whole lot easier and that provide you with the desired chocolate.

Chocolates for your needs and market

Our vegetable fat solutions for chocolate and confectionery are designed to supplement, or even completely replace, the cocoa butter in your recipes. This means that you can tailor your chocolates according to your needs and market. Using one of our solutions, you can give molded chocolates, coatings and confectionery fillings the right taste, mouthfeel, and meltdown properties.

Healthier alternatives and clean labels

We have alternatives that are low in saturated fats and trans fats, or even completely without trans fats. Choosing these compound solutions is also a choice for healthier alternatives and clean labels.

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