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Yellow Fats

With AAK’s solutions for yellow fats, you ensure that your products offer the right taste, texture, and nutritional profile, while they also meet your specific sustainability and cost targets.

The Yellow Fats segment contains many different types of products, ranging from butter blends to pure vegetable-based margarines and spreads. All types of products require unique oil blends and hardstocks that blend perfectly with the emulsifiers. That’s why we’re here for you.

Tailored solutions with optimal functionality

Excellent application insights are required to create the best possible product within each of the Yellow Fats segments. Application insights is one of AAK’s core competencies, enabling us to create the right oil blend or the hardstock required to produce a consumer product that meets the market needs with the right taste and a texture that has a perfect meltability when consumed.

For health—and sustainability

The AAK range of value-adding solutions for yellow fats is based on the multi-oil concept, enabling differentiated solutions to use a huge palette of different raw materials—all of which are responsibly sourced and able to provide safe products with a healthy nutritional profile.

Collaboration for the best result

Our team of innovative experts are ready to collaborate with you to find the solution that matches your needs in an optimal way. Together with you, we create superior products that will enable you to reach the consumers through winning products.

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