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For more than 140 years, we have worked closely with our customers, worldwide and across industries, sharing knowledge and creating innovative solutions. That is why we have established our AAK ACADEMY™, with a holistic approach towards ideation, development, and production success.

Our courses in oils and fat chemistry, technology, and specific applications are usually held at our premises, but can also be provided at your own facility and customized to match your specific needs.


General Seminar
General Oils & Fats Academy (in English)
March 25-26, 2020 - POSTPONED
Karlshamn, Sweden
Bakery Academy  
Biscuits, Cookies & Filling Fats Academy (in English) September or October 2020 (date to be confirmed)
Merksem, Belgium
Biscuits and Cookies Merksem, Belgium
Candles Academy Date to be confirmed
Karlshamn, Sweden
Chocolate & Confectionery Fats Academy  
Chocolate Sweet Spreads Academy (in English) July 1-2, 2020
Aarhus, Denmark
Filling Fats Academy (in English) March 17-18, 2020 - POSTPONED
Aarhus, Denmark 
Dairy Academy  
Dairy Academy (in Spanish) May 29-30, 2020
Morelia, Mexico
Ice cream Academy (in English)  October 2020 (date to be confirmed)
Karlshamn, Sweden
Cheese Academy (in English)  November 2020 (date to be confirmed)
Karlshamn, Sweden
Special Nutrition Academy  
Special Nutrition Academy (in English) May 25-27, 2021
Karlshamn, Sweden

AAK Co-Development Innovation Days

In addition to AAK ACADEMY™ sessions, we arrange AAK Co-Development Innovation Days at your facility. During these seminars we facilitate ideation of new possible sweet spots and solutions that could create lasting value. We present new concepts and market trends as inspiration. We evaluate current customer products and customers’ value chain for improvements. Based on the above, we prioritize and commit to the development of selected ideas.

Let’s collaborate and create new values

Discover the power of collaboration


Our Co-Development approach means that we bring our capabilities in vegetable oils and fats into a collaboration with you. Together we create lasting value for you and your business.

From idea to launch: Co-Development in 5 steps

Improve your business by partnering up with us. AAK’s Co-Development approach covers all steps from idea to launch. Our capabilities in vegetable oils and fats will create long-lasting value for you.

Co-Development success stories

The power of Co-Development is best proven by our success stories. Our specialists in oils and fats have performed countless collaborations with our customers to come up with groundbreaking solutions.