Co-Developing solutions

that create new value

Successful collaboration

Together with some of our customers, we have created innovative teams where specialists in oils and fats are brought together with business and market people to develop groundbreaking solutions.

Are you heading for new markets, with new products? Do you wish to offer healthier alternatives to existing products? Do you wish to work in a responsible way by using sustainable raw materials? Become more cost-efficient?

We know how to tackle all these challenges, since we have done it before. And we are here to assist you. Our experienced specialists listen to your needs. We are up-to-date with trends, new market niches, and the requirements of your customers. Bringing our extensive knowledge into an innovative collaboration with you, we can meet your current and upcoming challenges.

Discover more success stories

Collaboration for non-hydro alternative

AAK together with a global leader in the bakery segment have successfully created a non-hydro alternative to partially hydrogenated oils for the US market.

Optimizing gingerbread

A collaboration with AAK has given the Swedish gingerbread company Nyåkers optimized ingredients, simplified stock-keeping, and long-lasting value.

Healthier popcorn with AKOSNAC Y

Popcorn lovers get a healthier product and manufacturers lower costs with AKOSNAC Y, our alternative to coconut oil in popcorn production.

The vegetable-based pizza topping

Our Customer Innovation team collaborated with two Chinese dairy companies to create Akoroma NH38, a customized vegetable-based pizza topping that meets new demands.

Akomix overcomes the ice cream challenges

AAK collaborated with selected ice cream producers and created Akomix—the solution range with benefits such as lower costs and a healthier nutritional profile.

The perfect butter replacer

Increased butter prices and a demand for healthier products prompted AAK UK’s Customer Innovation team to co-develop butter alternatives together with a number of customers.