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The optimal milk drink and powder solutions

customized to meet all needs

Milk Drink and Powder

AAK improves your milk drink and powder offers. Our unique Co-Development approach ensures that you get the optimal solution, tailored to the needs of your customers.

Our vegetable oil and fat solutions create new offers within the milk drink and powder segment.

Unique solutions for your needs

There are several challenges in this segment. For instance, vegetable oil solutions used for liquid applications need to be unique in order to create a stable emulsion for the milk application—exactly the same requirements are of key importance when creating a liquid blend that can be spray dried. Furthermore, oxidation stability is important for the powders that need extended shelf life.

The cost-efficient and healthy benefits of our offer

Our solutions are based on high safety and they are cost-efficient due to our well-established processes, devoted teams, and the raw materials that we use. Our vegetable fats originate from sustainable sources and offer the possibility to customize a solution for you with a healthy nutritional profile.

The winning Co-Development approach

We collaborate with you, using our innovation mindset, experience, and expertise to create the solution that fulfills your needs.

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