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Promoting a healthier lifestyle

Functional Nutrition

Products with specific health benefits are in increasing demand all over the world. Discover AAK’s Functional Nutrition range, which includes lipids that are clinically proven to have a positive impact on health.

Our range of nutritional lipids contains omega-3 fatty acids (Specidol™) and phytosterols (Vividol®), which has a positive influence on the cholesterol level in the blood, thus supporting a healthy cardiovascular system. Specidol™ and Vividol® make it possible to add healthy ingredients to everyday products, thereby offering consumers a way to eat healthily without changing their diet.

The customer comes first

AAK’s vision of being the first choice for plant-based oil solutions can only be realized by putting you as our customer first. Mutual cooperation facilitates meeting the challenges of enhanced product properties, successful market introductions, and creating or maintaining brand loyalty among consumers. Putting you first also means delivering quality as a prime benefit.

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