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Exploring new taste sensations

Sauces and Condiments

Hot and spicy or smooth and creamy? No matter how you like your favorite dish, AAK’s range of sauces and condiments can help you add that little extra you need to achieve culinary perfection. Our products have been trusted by chefs for years. From classic tastes to new flavors from around the globe, you can depend on them to provide great choice, quality, and taste.

In our extensive product range, you’ll be able to find all you need to work that kitchen magic and create fantastic dishes for your customers. AAK’s range has been developed by carefully studying market and business trends in order to offer both classic favorites as well as inspirational international tastes. Our range is constantly evolving, thanks to our relentless focus on innovation and new product development. All to best serve our customers all over the world.

Our sauces

Quality ingredients and attention to detail are the foundation of our range of sauces—designed to inspire, crafted to excite. No matter if you’re in need of a table sauce, a thick BBQ Sauce with an authentic Southwestern Hickory flavor or a fiery chili sauce, you’ll find the answer to your culinary questions in our product range.

Our condiments

Give your creations an extra, tasty push with our wide choice of condiments.
Our wide variety of relishes and pickled condiments, mustards or syrups can be used in multiple applications and menu styles and are guaranteed to provide all you need to create fantastic dishes.

A global product offer

At AAK, we work closely with our customers to develop value-adding solutions that benefit their particular business and we often work in exclusive partnerships. We use our resources and expertise to develop tailored solutions and finished products to meet your individual needs and our offer may vary, depending on the market.

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