Sustainable operations

for our people, the environment and our neighbors

Better operations

In AAK, we are committed to enabling the well-being of our people, minimizing our environmental impact, and being a better neighbor. We have a wealth of talented colleagues who focus on making a positive difference every day.

Better Operations embodies the responsibility that comes with being a processing company and helps us to create a safe and inclusive working environment that is more resource- and climate-efficient and that supports the community.

Our Better Behaviors guide us on our journey towards Better Operations. This journey encompasses risk mitigation, the safety and health of our employees, employee engagement, high ethical standards, and an accountability for the environment. Combined with our passion and dedication, these are key drivers for our sustainability progress.

We strive to minimize our environmental impact and to be a catalyst for positive change. 


We progress towards our commitments supported by our ambitions:


  • No lost time injuries
  • 2021: 100 percent of sites human rights risk-assessed, salient issues identified and plans initiated
  • 2025: 10 percent improvement in employee engagement score (base year 2017)


  • 2021: Define the scope 1+2 science-based targets and drive progress accordingly
  • 2021: Energy consumption per processed unit reduction target in line with science-based targets
  • 2025: 100 percent procured renewable electricity
  • 2030: 100 percent of our waste recycled 


  • Relevant community engagement programs on our sites

Key achievements 2020

In 2020, we progressed with the following key achievements:  


  • 5 percentage points improvement in the engagement score of the people survey 


  • Signed the Science Based Targets initiative
  • Conducted climate change risk assessments on all sites
  • Reduced energy consumption by 5.4 percent per processed unit
  • Reduced water consumption by 63 percent per processed unit
  • Reduced waste by 50 percent per processed unit
  • 96 percent of our waste is recycled 


  • Supported local societies, targeting challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic

Questions about our sustainability work?