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Reliable and versatile kitchen performance

Frying Oils and Shortenings

In the kitchen, every second counts, and the quality of your frying oil is essential in making sure you serve great tasting and looking fried food, optimize your spending and meet safety and quality requirements. With AAK oils and shortenings you can rest, assured that you always have high quality and functional products that create first class results and make your day a little easier.

AAK’s oils and shortenings are recognized for their high performance in a variety of applications as well as finished food quality. When developing our products, we carefully study the needs and requirements of our customers’ business as well as business trends in order to provide exceptional taste at an excellent value.

Our oils

Our high-performance quality oils are extremely reliable and versatile and can be used in multiple applications, for any requirement through tailor-made solutions. They enhance the taste of food when used for cooking and baking, and they resist flavor transfers and produce high quality food when used for deep frying.

Our shortenings

Our liquid shortenings are designed for intense applications where stability is a necessity, which simplifies cooking with liquid convenience and enhances flavor without adding costs. Our solid shortenings are made with excellent creaming ability and a smooth texture that enhances flavor and produces excellent results in applications from frying and baking to donuts and icing.

A global product range

A vast range of high quality products make up our oils and shortening product range and these differ on the specific markets. For more information on our top brands and solutions, please visit

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