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Healthy eating for seniors

Supporting the balance of the Golden Years

Senior Nutrition

Keeping an active lifestyle and a healthy diet is imperative to your overall well-being. As the human body ages, physical conditions may change, making it even more important to ensure the uptake of nutrients. AAK can be of vital assistance in securing a well-balanced and healthy diet.

Growing older means, among other things, that the metabolism slows down, reducing the intake of calories. It can also mean a reduced ability to absorb necessary substances, resulting in a need for supplements to boost the general health.

Working together

Together with you we develop customized products with the right functionalities to keep seniors healthy and active. Opportunities include products that deliver a healthy diet, prevent lifestyle-induced illnesses, improve performance, and help increase energy levels. These benefits ultimately lead to a better quality of life.

Empowering the world

We know how consumers’ regional taste and preferences as well as their changing needs affect your business. Being your partner means that we collaborate with you and use these insights to empower your products and help people all over the world to remain healthy and maintain a great zest for life.

Our experience – at your service

AAK has more than 150 years of experience in natural oils and fats, which we draw on to help you develop with the strength of our lipid technology. Our extensive knowledge in tailored blends and special lipids enables us to create the base for your nutritional and delicious products that will benefit your customers.

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AAK – a trusted partner

  • 150 years of experience in oils and fats.
  • An extensive portfolio of bioactive lipids, oils and fats.
  • A global partner with sales in more than 100 countries.